The art of making a smooth transition

Greg and Heidi’s transition to becoming "empty nesters" and downsizing was an interesting process for them. They decided to sell their formal 4,800 sq ft dream home they built 19 years ago in Morgan Hill, CA. The home sat on 2 acres, with a pool, camp ground, and walking trails. The Warricks purchased a 2,700 sq. ft. home on a third of an acre in Rancho Murieta, CA. This process has given Greg insight and appreciation to help clients who may be considering this type of life changing experience.

Six years ago they started the process:

  • Make a plan (start early)
  • Determine your new home area:
    • Price range, size of home/lot, areas of interest (mountains, skiing, hiking, lakes, ocean, kayaking, boating), proximity to family (grandkids)
  • Break everything into smaller tasks
  • Start thinking about specific details at least 3 months before the move
    • Use the new floor plan to determine what will/can fit
    • Inventory furniture “must haves,” this helps determine size of your home
    • Label three bins: to keep, sell, give to charity
      • When selling try auctions for higher-end items
  • Once you get to the packing stage, color code boxes for each room
  • Interview three moving companies
    • Check their reviews and contact the Public Utilities Commission (PUC - movers are regulated by them) to see if there are any recorded issues
  • Get an objective opinion (many times our children don’t want you to move)
  • Coordinate with your realtor the sale of your home and the purchase of the new one
    • Make sure your agent puts the right language in the contract so you won’t be without a home (rent backs, sale dependent on finding a replacement home)
    • Don’t buy a home before your home is sold (receipt for disaster)