We met Greg at one of his open houses and were so impressed with his attitude, knowledge and character that we retained him as our agent within 24 hours. I am an experienced home buyer in California and have bought and sold many homes since the mid-80s and really know the local market and how the agents work. Greg helped us find our dream home, provided connections to great financing and when the negotiations got difficult was able to step in and keep the process moving rather than losing the deal due to silly issues. Greg is extremely knowledgeable in the local market and the list goes on. Greg is an honorable and fair person and always has the best interest of his clients. As an example when we moved into the new house, the previous owners did not clean the house to the level we requested and Greg paid a crew to come in and clean it. Greg did not have to pay a cleaning crew, but did so due to his honorable character which is rare in today’s competitive market. You can’t go wrong retaining Greg as your real estate representative and I certainly will use him again whether we buy or sell. Don’t miss out on retaining this guy.
— John A.
We met Greg at one of his open house events and felt comfortable with him right away. He was very genuine, and went above and beyond to help us. He told us our options, and took his time to answer all our questions. Very welcoming, unlike the realtor and lender of another company who kind of dismissed us right off the bat when they found out we had a short sale before. Now, we are owners once again of a beautiful home! Greg’s help, knowledge and expertise of the market made our dreams a reality.
— Karen A.
I’ve worked with Greg on many real estate transactions and Greg is fabulous to work with. He cares deeply for his clients and wants to make sure they are obtaining the best service not only from him but from all he associates with. I have been the lender for many of Greg’s clients and he makes sure the transaction runs smoothly from start to finish. I would recommend Greg as a Realtor to any of my clients in need of a realtor.
— Shirley D.
I am pleased to endorse and recommend Greg for many things, but in this case for his skills in managing listings and closing home sales. To say this task of selling my home during this tumultuous time, marked with many challenges, would be a gross understatement. For many, my house would be considered too underwater to even consider selling. Greg took on the burden of many open houses and a large marketing campaign to ensure maximum exposure. When a purchaser was found, their representation was far less experienced than Greg, but he respectfully navigated this difficult sale skillfully and patiently. To that end, he made sure that all documentation was correct and presented to the Title Company, to ensure a smooth transaction. I can’t express how challenging this home was to sell, but Greg was always focused and confident that he could find that perfect one person for this my home, and he did. If you are looking for solid and loyal representation, I strongly encourage you to interview Greg.
— Mark G.
Greg has gone above and beyond to help us find our ideal home. He found it before it was on the market, went to the house and created a YouTube video of every room, the exterior, and yards. We were able to do a virtual tour before it was listed! Greg made sure we were in a position to move quickly once we found the right house. He wrote the offer the day it went on the market and we won the deal. We used his top lender to find the best loan with the fewest fees. Post inspections, we’ve used Greg’s suppliers to cut termite repair in half, new paint, hardwood, etc… all at a savings. We’ve had a smooth transition, with no surprises!
— Evaley H.
Selling a co-op in the bay area is not easy. Most people don’t understand them or the specific requirements and restrictive rules for owning one. Greg took on the challenge and we could not be happier that we went with him. He created a great marketing plan to help sell our co-op. Greg personally helped us get our house in showing condition inside and out and held many, many open houses. He became an advocate/evangelist for our home, negotiated a great contract, and facilitated a very smooth close.
— John H.
Greg’s wealth of knowledge translates into abundant gains and benefits for his clients. Relying on his expertise, my wife and I bought our beautiful home through an extremely complex short sale process at the time when most of other realtors didn’t know much about and attempted to stay away from such transactions. Everyone complained how hard it was to purchase a short-sale property. Not only did we get the home – clearly the largest and best maintained beauty in the neighborhood, but we bought at its historical low price. Yes, in other words, Greg got us a home that we love and are proud of. He also got us a house that has value and ever increasing equity. He will definitely help you come out a winner in your real estate needs. We recommend him highly.
— Charles L.
When selling my home, Greg made a complex process seem simple, much like the duck paddling effortlessly in the pond; he was paddling like mad beneath the surface. Greg has a natural ability to dig out what is important to both buyer and seller, and satisfying both for a win-win outcome. He has access to many home repair/enhancement professionals who are all very professional, competent, and responsive. Overall, I cannot imagine a smoother, easier transaction, professionally orchestrated by Greg.
— Keith M.
Greg was there for us all the way. We live in Oregon and could not be there to have things done. We had to have some things done to get the house ready to sell. He set up the workers and followed thru with their progress. Our house sold in less than two months. When things did not go as planned he stepped in and smoothed things out. Very impressive! Greg did a great job and I would recommend him to anyone looking to sell their home.
— Bill R.
My family has had to endure many corporate moves from the east coast to the west coast and all points in between. When we needed to sell our home we were fortune to have Greg as a friend and neighbor. He is very knowledgeable about real estate in the area and his instincts regarding the potential buyer base was on point! Greg was more than our agent. He looked out for us as though we were family. He skillfully guided us through a very difficult process and made it look easy. Greg is a great agent. I would definitely call on him again and highly recommend him to anyone buying or selling in the bay area. Proud to call him friend.
— Neal S.
Greg did a masterful job of selling our home. One of Greg’s many strengths is his communication skills and interpersonal skills. His background in the high tech industry is also a huge plus in dealing with people and understanding how to sort through complex issues if they arise. We knew after meeting him that he was the right person to list and sell our home.
— Jeff T.
I recently sold my parent’s home. I asked two realtors to give estimates on pricing the house. Greg’s estimate was the best, so I went with him. After a short time, the house sold at that price. I earned $20,000 more than if I had gone with the other realtor. Greg was professional, knowledgeable, and had great clean-up and home repair contacts. Paperwork was completed in a timely manner. I have since recommended him, twice, to friends.
— Neal T.