The Art of The Purchase

Helping his clients get the home of their dreams in today’s fast paced market with constantly changing inventory levels is Greg's goal. He knows the importance of staying ahead of the market! Greg is always prepared from the first day out, making sure to present a compelling offer along with a strong financial profile from an experienced, professional lender. In addition to the“must have “ business pieces such as a contract, pre-approval letters, etc., Greg provides a compelling story about his buyers, their backgrounds, why they love this home, and why they deserve to own this highly sought after house. During the various phases of offer and acceptance, he is prepared to negotiate through the seller’s response to the offer; price considerations, repair items, close of escrow, rent backs and the like. Quick thinking execution helps Greg ensure that his client’s interests are at the forefront and makes it a win-win situation for both the buyer and seller. The other intrinsic value in the buying equation is the stature and reputation of your buyer’s agent. Many times a strong, honest, hardworking agent, known for being able to “close the deal,” can make all the difference in the world. Greg has all these attributes and a successful track record for getting the job done!