The Art of The Sale

Committed to Your Success

When it's time to consider selling your home; to move up, down size, or move cross country, you need an agent who has the experience to manage all of those critical elements. Greg believes in creating a clear, concise road map that will be followed throughout the entire process. To begin with, Greg evaluates a market analysis of your house with a net sheet from the title company to help determine your home's value. Greg helps his clients schedule inspections, recommends repairs with associated bids, provides a detailed 20 point marketing plan, prepares your home for market, and provides possible staging ideas. All of these important steps are done in a clear and concise manner. Greg is known for being a detail oriented professional. His past clients will tell you some of the things they like about Greg are his constant communication and his commitment to ensuring there are “no surprises” throughout the entire transaction. He is able to manage the entire process for his clients whether they are local and a part of each step or they are in a remote situation where he coordinates the entire transaction.